Do I Need to Renovate My Old House

older world charm house

Do I need to renovate my old house? Most certainly not. You can leave it just the way it is. The only consideration and opinion that matters is yours. It is your house. Many people will purchase an old house for the “older world charm”. And that is just fine. You stay true to you.

older world charm house
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There is the possible issue however, of safety. We all know that as houses get older they require some maintenance, doesn’t everything? And to remain in a safe condition, you will need to put some effort into keeping the house up to standard.

If you are confident that your house is structurally sound, then you have one of the biggest worries out of the way. If you are not sure however, call your local builder who can put you in touch with someone that can check your home and put your mind at ease,

One of the other key things to keep an eye on is the electrical wiring. Sometimes it isn’t just wear and tear or age, it can be local creatures chewing, nesting, playing and pooping on your most important circuits that can potentially cause a house fire.

Now if you have structural integrity and electric wiring sorted, the next stop on the safety train is termites. All properties will have ‘some’ termites, it is a natural occurrence. It is when the termites start to take over and eat your fences, garages, house and anything else that looks remotely tasty, that you should really consider some action. Or, before you get to full blown “Termite Happy Valley”, try a preventative treatment, and ensure to put it into your diary to be done on a regular basis. Nobody likes a fat happy termite.

old house renoThere will be plenty of other small things to keep your eye on in the safety department, the last BIG thing however is of course, the dreaded asbestos material. Asbestos in itself if kept in a good condition, unbroken and encapsulated, can be perfectly fine to live with and pose no danger whatsoever.  If you have asbestos around the house however, that is worn, broken, peeling or damaged in any way, you need to get that see to ASAP.

Asbestos is responsible for hideous lung diseases called asbestosis and mesothelioma. Ensure your home has either had the asbestos removed and replaced with a non-dangerous product, or ensure that all of your asbestos is encapsulation with a thick rubber paint or multiple coats of normal house paint. This includes any outside asbestos, in fences and on roofs.

Its nasty business, you do not want to go there by yourself, if you live in Ozzy neighborhood i recommend you find best contractors because this asbestos removal Canberra cost for example, will cost you high, depend to quantity and quality. That why talking and discussing via free quotes with expert will be best way for you to action todays.

Once you have all of the safety aspects of your old home sorted, sit back and relax, enjoy the ambience of the beautiful old girl you have purchased.


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